Midcoast Maine Indivisible Meeting Minutes, April 12 2017

Midcoast Indivisible Meeting Minutes 4/12/17 (70 in attendance)

  1. Introduction to new protest song “Put it on the Ground” with James
  2. Mission of Indivisible, goals and accomplishments: Midcoast Maine Indivisible is an action-oriented group of locally-organized citizens who resist efforts to advance the Trump agenda in the United States Congress. We are volunteers, not paid activists.
  3. Group Updates:

Tax March: 2-4 PM On Saturday 4/15/17.  (Facebook event page here)

  • We will Sing “I Can’t Keep Quiet” 2 times (at middle and end).
  • Ideas such as chickens on signs or honk if you support Trump turning over taxes.
  • Bring a friend!  Bring two!

Susan Collins Town Hall Meeting: April 20, 2017 at 6:30.

  • Have media arranged such as Facebook and other publications. This will be filmed and Collins will be presented with a copy.


  • Updates on National Sanctuary Cities Network.
  • Important bill: ACLU is fighting LD66, which will require cities in Maine to comply and carry out ICE agenda. No city will be able to participate as Sanctuary City if this passes.

Health Care:

  • Diane Smith is researching Medicare for all.
  • Group of Expats who have lived overseas want to work with MOC such as Bernie Sanders to help express how well universal care works elsewhere.
  • Looking for important bills as they come through committees.


  • April 22, 2017 is Science March at Portland and Orono.
  • Climate March is April 29th in Augusta and at Newcastle-Damariscotta Bridge. Carpooling is available, contact this group for info.
  • Looking at EPA and bills.

Trump and Russia:

  • Apr. 4th was day of Treason. Use post cards and calls to keep Russia investigation in forefront. Continue to push for independent 1investigation.

Singing Group:

  • James is looking for new protest songs to keep our protests fun so we keep this going!


  • Checking on various bills.
  • Tues. Stand up for Students
  • Repeal Question 2? This should not be repealed.

Trump lies: No one showed up to this group last meeting. This area is being disbanded because it has become relevant to each of the other working groups (because Trump lies in each of these areas).

Common Announcements:

  • All groups work on questions to submit for Susan Collins Town Hall.
  • April 17th is day to send postcards to Paul Ryan, check out Ides of Trump website.
  • Brian Milakowsi from Summerville spoke about famine issue in Yemen, this will be critical in 4 months time. Perpetrated by Saudi Arabia and about to be made worse by Trump. Don’t let US sell smart bombs to Saudi Arabia!
  • Keep up letters to the editors of local newspapers!

Work done in groups for the remainder of meeting, to focus on questions for town hall and actions we can achieve towards out group’s topics.