Midcoast Maine Indivisible Meeting Minutes, May 11 2017

Midcoast Maine Indivisible Meeting Minutes, 5-11-17, 6:30-8 pm, Watts Hall, Thomaston


  1. Reflection:
    1. moments in history when someone should have stood up for what is right? Answers given such as slavery, police brutality, Holocaust, Japanese internment and women’s rights.
    2. List of what Trump has done: Denigrated office of the Presidency, lying,ruining the environment, profiting from business while in Oval Office and more! We can’t stop now we need to act with direct purpose.

2. Group Updates:

  • Immigration: LD366 Maine law came out of committee and has been made more moderate which will make it harder to get no vote in Senate. This is a National effort to get local police to do work of ICE.
  • Organizational: Tracy is evaluating if our leadership group set up if functional. She is also working on a membership drive especially focusing on youth. In that regard Tracy asked group if she could spend kitty $ on an ad in upcoming community Chorus Concert program and the group said yes unanimously as many chipped in hoping for a full page ad at the cost of $200.00. She is also tallying survey results.
  • Susan Collins: Collins has not acknowledged seeing our video of the Town Hall Meeting. Staff would not answer when we could expect some answers to questions. Working on Senator King for a listening Town Hall over summer possibly. Pushing for this to be in mid-coast.
  • Health Care: Contacting Senate, all MOC. Medicaid expansion for state of Maine but hinges on happens Nationally. Idea was floated that we should have a “Die In” for an a public activity to demonstrate what will happen if current bill passes.
  • Environmental: Working on a symposium for mid-coast. The focus is on how the EPA actions will directly affect us in Mid-Coast. Plan on including stakeholders and experts such as lobster men, College experts in environmental science regarding waterfront, etc.
  • Russian Group: Calls to continue to demand an independent  prosecutor. Push for more resources for this investigation in Senate/House. Call Collins and ask her what is her position on Jeff Sessions. If he is recused from all things Russia why is he firing FBI Director Comey?

-Proposals for Action: Many floated but  3 actions decided upon for upcoming period. Worked on details of events in groups.

1)“Die In” plan for June for location in Rockland. Will highlight pitfalls of House plan, including existing conditions issues. Many props to be used signs and people dying.

2)Breakwater Event: Haven’t determined exact messaging yet but will be a single issue. No date yet.

3)Environmental Symposium: Panel discussion, impact of EPA on local people. Probe local groups and invite Rep. Pingree.

Local event at 1st Universalist Church 5/17/17 at 7:00: FIX IT: Health care at the Tipping Point.