Midcoast Maine Indivisible Minutes: March 1 2017

Midcoast Maine Indivisible Meeting Minutes 3/1/17

Attendance: 98. ½ of those attending were at the last meeting.

  1. Philosophy of our group and National Indivisible:  We are oriented in action to stop Trump by focusing on 1) Senate: Collins, King 2)House of Representatives: Pingree (less on Poliquin, not in district)
  2. Summary from members regarding recent activities:
    1. Damariscotta-Newcastle Bridge Health Care Protest
    2. phone calls to MOC (recommended to focus on only 1 or 2 issues per call)
    3. Senator King to hold Town Hall Listening Meeting at Hannaford Hall at USM in Portland on Sunday 3/5/17 at 4:00. Focus of meeting is confirmation of Gorsuch for Supreme Court.
  3. Feedback from Committees:
    1. Internal Communications; Working on new service to make it easier to subscribe/unsubscribe for members. (Joelle Albury, Nanny Baker, Julie Kinney)
    2. External Communications; Facebook, twitter, email. More items to post on events page.
    3. Coordinate with other local groups. Tracy will meet leadership of other local groups (Maureen Jennings, Jasmin Pike)
    4. Legislative Research: an independent group not affiliated with Indivisible has been working on a new website titled Maine4.com which has info:
      1. On legislative records
      2. contact info. for government officials
      3. links to groups
      4. bills currently being worked on
      5. Links to Newspapers so we can write letters to the editor.
      6. Discussion on track records of King (room for improvement) and Collins (voting more conservative).
  4. Congressional Office Trackers;  Just getting started figuring out the complex system. Checking government websites, tracking votes and committees. Have signed up for alerts to votes. Angus King has Capital Coffee each week to meet with constituents if anyone happens to be going to D.C.
  5. Tech Support Volunteer; Mike Kerzee
  6. Upcoming Actions:
    1. Continue calls to MOC
    2. start writing letters to editors
    3. hold issue specific events on larger issues
    4. Town Hall Meeting for Susan Collins (will be held with or without her present) This will be a listening session during Spring Recess in April. Decided to wait on Angus King until after his Portland Meeting Sunday to see how that goes. Dual strategy for Collins; hold meeting and push for another meeting.
    5. Suggested Dailyaction.org which connects people to MOC automatically to make calls on specific issues.
    6. Following were suggestions made by attendees of meeting: focus on larger issues and do actions as group presumably having more impact.
    7. Participate in tax day march inquiries have been made with Town of Rockland and Thomaston. Thomaston appears to be more receptive to protests/marches.
    8. Post cards to Trump for “Ides of Trump”. See Idesoftrump.com for details. Write # on postcard and post on social media, sugg. 10 cards be sent from each person.
    9. Cindy D’Ambrosio has made a detailed, understandable version of the Republican plan for ACA replacement. Great tool to use for making calls on fixing ACA.
    10. Check out lawsuit on Revote2017.com regarding lawsuit accepted by Supreme Court to redo election due to Russian influence on election process.
    11. Suggested that we call regarding Burr and other Republicans on Sentate Intellegence Committee whom are publicly siding with Trump Administration before any investigation has been done. Not impartial. Push for independent investigation.
    12. Next meeting: discuss dealing with donors to MOC as a way to advance our causes.